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Since I was a kid I have always loved photography. I had a darkroom and developed and printed my own photos, In 2000 I bought my first digital 2mp camera. It was a point and shoot olympus460. After about a year that 3x optical zoom wasn't enough. So I bought Olympus C2100 a 10x optical zoom with image stabilization. For a time it was an excellent camera. Living in Brooklyn I coped with the tragedy of 9/11 by taking pictures of life in our great city. (you can see those photos on Pbase) http://www.pbase.com/automat42.... The bug hit me and it hit me hard. I am now retired as a special education teacher and keep busy by taking photos for sports websites and papers, as well as a photographer for Brooklyn's own Courier Life. I will always take photos for myself. I also belong to the oldest Camera Club in the Country established in 1864 "THE BROOKLYN CAMERA CLUB" http://www.brooklyncameraclub.org To me photography is like fishing.. YOu have to wait to the proper moment to real in the Photo. Thank you for visiting my smugmug Gallery and enjoy